Socio-Cultural Risk & Opportunity Analysis Seminars

Understanding social and cultural factors is a critical to operational success. Analysis of the human domain highlights unique risks and opportunities organizations face.

Registan and its partners have developed and used socio-cultural risk and opportunity analysis techniques harnessing the power of GIS and applied social science methods data to help organizations improve operational effectiveness by understanding the social groups in the areas in which they work.

Socio-Cultural Analysis supports:

  • Disaster & Relief Operations
  • Human Development Organizations
  • Measures & Evaluations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Personnel & Operations Security
  • Business Operations Planning
  • Security Planning

This type of analysis has previously been considered “background information” and overlooked by traditional analysts who primarily focus on political developments and economic trends as well as geospatial analysts concentrating on mapping physical features and infrastructure.

Registan and its partners are uniquely suited to present these topics with over 12 years dedicated to socio-cultural analysis:

Basic One Day Course:

  • Overview of Socio-Cultural Analysis
  • Definitions & Concepts
  • Types of Data Collected
  • Types of Products Produced
  • The Role of Socio-Cultural Analysis in Operational Planning

Research & Methodology Seminars:

  • Principles of Socio-Cultural Research
  • Structuring Socio-Cultural Data
  • Presenting Socio-Cultural Data & Analysis

Regional & Thematic Courses

  • Central Asia
  • Caucasus
  • Afghanistan
  • Demography & Stability
  • Analysis of Conflict Micro-Dynamics

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