Islam Karimov

No such thing as a “succession war” as Uzbekistan enters the post-Karimov era

by Mathieu BOULEGUE

For the first time since its independence, Uzbekistan is experiencing the tremors of managed political transition. On September 2 at 9 pm local time, President Islam Karimov officially died in the intensive care unit in Tashkent, where he had been treated since August 27 after suffering a brain hemorrhage and subsequent stroke. Conflicting reports stated […]

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Is Gulnara Karimova Really Worth All This Attention?

by Traveler
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  In recent days, both independent Uzbek media and foreign news outlets that cover Uzbekistan are all busy following, and reporting on, the happenings around Gulnara Karimova, eldest daughter of the President of Uzbekistan. Karimova apparently lost the favor of her father, and her unquestioned fame and authority appear to be loose and doomed to […]

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Gulnara Karimova: Is She Ready to be the Next President of Uzbekistan?

by Traveler

Gulnara Karimova, infamous daughter of Islam Karimov, the president of Uzbekistan, is considered by many as a potential successor to her father’s seat. When rumors about the health of Karimov spread fast throughout the Internet from the opposition groups’ websites up to “New York Times”, discussions about who will come to power next in Uzbekistan […]

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